It’s no secret that in South Louisiana we love our spicy cajun food. In fact, Louisiana residents are above the national average in risk for hypertension, ischemic heart disease, and heart failure. Proper diet, regular exercise and routine check-ups can help prevent heart problems before they start


Cajun cuisine is spicy fare. Many Cajun dishes are high in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium or all three, but almost all of them can be made with more healthful ingredients.
  • Avoid fried seafood and hush puppies.
  • Blackened entrees are usually dipped in butter or oil, covered with spices and pan fried; ask the cook to use only a small amount of oil.
  • Ask for all sauces and gravies on the side.

Regular Checkups

Even if you don’t have a known heart condition, it’s crucial to schedule and keep annual heart exam appointments. Regular checkups will help you assess your own personal cardiovascular health risk factors as well as develop a pro-active plan to keeping heart problems in-check. After all, no one wants to meet their doctor for the first time on the table.


Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise for your heart. After be medically cleared to exercise by Dr. Valentino, it is recommended to work up to 20-30 minutes, at least 3-4 times a week. Running, walking, swimming, recreational sports, hiking, and or dancing are all great ways to give that heart a great workout.